Group Profile

The Perfect Partner for Perfect Documents

We at MRG Document Technologies are quite certain that your success is our only success.

We are dedicated to helping mortgage lenders save time and money by providing the highest quality, most dependable, and timely document preparation and delivery services available anywhere. Our MIRACLE products are web-based electronic systems for rapid document preparation, compliance, management, and delivery. Our services can be customized so that the needs of each individual lender are effectively fulfilled. MRG will help you improve performance and efficiency, while significantly reducing costs associated with the closing process.

MRG Document Technologies is a practice group within the Middleberg Riddle Group, one of America’s preeminent mortgage banking law firms. This practice group was established to offer outstanding compliance and technology support for the ever more complex disclosure and documentation environment facing single-family mortgage lenders. Top-flight attorneys and technology leaders with extensive experience are blended into a single collaborative unit that is focused on delivering document solutions that represent “best practices” for mortgage document preparation.

Our success over more than two decades has shown that an effective document preparation and delivery company must provide compliance expertise and lender-specific program information along with leading-edge technology. We combine nationally recognized compliance quality, an extensive lender-specific forms library, and quick, cutting-edge technology with real performance advantages, resulting in products and services that are unparalleled in the industry.

MIRACLE Products

The MIRACLE product line contains multiple building blocks upon which effective and efficient document preparation and delivery systems can be tailored to your unique set of requirements. For each MIRACLE product, the outcome is the same: perfect documents and perfect service. Learn more about our MIRACLE Products.

MIRACLE Services

Our services are specifically designed to expedite your loan flow by streamlining paperwork and data entry. With less time and hassle required for each loan, you can become more profitable. Whether it is remote e-mail delivery or an obscure compliance issue, our MIRACLE Services are available to simplify and strengthen your closing process.

Compliance Expertise and Support

We have a staff of compliance Attorneys whose professional responsibility is to build and maintain your forms and closing packages. These attorneys are also available to respond to state-specific or national inquiries. Our many years of compliance experience insure that each lender receives perfect documents every time.