Miracle Online

High Cost and Compliance Testing

In addition to various federal and investor requirements surrounding the origination of high-cost mortgages, there are now multiple state and local initiatives aimed at restricting predatory lending. We have designed a comprehensive and automatic high cost test engine that allows accurate, real-time compliance testing of individual loan data.

This quick high cost testing allows you to rapidly check the parameters of the loan with which you are working - running various state-specific tests and edits prior to actually entering all the data necessary to finally process and print a document set.

Convenient: Just access the test screen by entering your User ID and Password.
Secure: All of the Miracle Online security features are automatically in play when you access the quick high cost test.
Fast: Immediate response. Enter the required loan data called for and receive a response within seconds.
Accurate: MRG utilizes test parameters and standards designed by full-time compliance experts for our most sophisticated applications. All maximum rate limits and specific fee restrictions and limits are programmed for testing. Custom edits can be designed to fit your particular situation.