The MIRACLE DocPrep System's easy accessibility does not compromise extranet or client support security. All of our clients' critical data is encrypted at the highest possible level. Additionally, MRG extranet and portal applications use numerous other "best practice" security strategies, such as designing user profiles to grant individuals accessing MIRACLE DocPrep Systems only the specific system functions and compartments of client data they need in order to perform their job function. This and other security measures integrated into our applications combine to lockdown and protect the confidentiality of client data.

MIRACLE Security For Incoming Data

In any system with good security, it is necessary to protect the data both while it is stored - "at rest" - and while it is being sent outside the organization - "in motion".

Data at Rest

Sensitive data, such as borrower information, is stored in the MIRACLE loan database in an encrypted form. This ensures that this data cannot be read if an attempt is made to access it from outside of the MIRACLE software. Security is also provided at the network and physical layers. The database physically resides in a secured facility serving as MRG's Data Center. This facility restricts access to only a limited number of authorized staff. At the network level, firewalls are in place to prevent remote access to the data by any unauthorized individual or entity.

Data in Motion

All data transmitted over the Internet while using MIRACLE ONLINE is encrypted using industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption inside your web browser. This is the same technology used by online banks and financial institutions to protect sensitive data in transit. You can verify that SSL encryption is in use by the presence of a "key" or "lock" icon displayed near the bottom of your web browser, and by the use of the "https:" Internet address.

MIRACLE Security For Outgoing Documents

Mortgage Resources Group, LLC. recognizes the importance of keeping data secure during the delivery of document packages. As a result, MRG provides options for secure delivery of documents directly to the lender or to the closing agent's office.

HTTPS Web Pickup

When a lender requests a document package to be delivered using HTTPS Web Pickup, MIRACLE will generate a 16 character passkey comprised of data from three sources of information. The system will use part of the lender's customer id, part of the borrower's last name, and a pseudo-random number to generate the passkey. The recipient can visit MRG's website and gain access to the package using this passkey. Download of the package is protected with SSL encryption, the same technology banks and e-commerce websites use to protect their customer's data.

MRG Document Shield Secure Email

MRG's latest offering for secure delivery is MRG Document Shield. This technology combines email notification with a password-protected website. The documents are accessed by logging into this website at

When a lender requests documents to be delivered via MRG Document Shield, they must provide a recipient email address. The documents are prepared and made available for download on a secure server. When these documents are made available, MRG Document Shield checks to see if the recipient email is for an already registered user. If not, MRG Document Shield will create a new user account and generate a strong, random, and temporary password. MRG Document Shield will then send a welcome email notification to this recipient with the temporary password. As a security precaution, the user will be required to change this password the first time they log in. If the user is already a registered user of the system, the user simply receives a notice that the package is ready. In either case, the email contains a URL to a secure website hosted by MRG. The recipient of the package must go to the website and login with the proper username and password. Upon a successful login, the user will be presented with the document package for viewing or downloading. The downloadable package is protected using SSL encryption.

More technical information about MRG Document Shield is available by clicking here.

MIRACLE Internal Security

MRG's internal systems operate on a private network protected from the Internet by multiple firewalls.

Customer data is restricted to authorized document production personnel only. Access to highly sensitive data, such as bank account and credit card numbers contained on a loan application, is further restricted to only document preparation system processes and system administrators.
Physical access to critical equipment is restricted to IT support personnel where possible. Equipment located at MRG's offsite Integrated Data Center is accessible only to MRG's IT personnel.