MIRACLE Document Preparation and Delivery

Across all of our MIRACLE document preparation and delivery approaches, you will find that the outcome is the same: perfect documents, perfect service. With every MIRACLE product or service you will have:

  • One-stop and seamless access to document design, preparation, compliance, and delivery services for any size lender.
  • Automated, web-resilient, and secure electronic delivery of all required disclosures and closing documents of all types.
  • Full compliance delivered in every document - each of which is created and maintained by an in-house staff of attorneys and compliance experts.
  • Sophisticated intelligent bar coding capabilities that facilitate next-generation document management in the post-closing and servicing process.
  • Full data management for the use of MISMO-compliant SMART Docs in conjunction with eSign and eMortgage transactions.

MIRACLE Products

Online: A browser-based application that expedites lenders' internal loan closing process by providing LOS data integration exchanges, program customization, investor specific document formatting, and compliance editing.
Express: Fully integrated and customized data exchange for the complete automation and outsourcing of documentation requirements.
Encounter: Sophisticated documentation solutions with advanced technological expertise for the non-automated environment.
Custom Products: Special customizations give you the flexibility you need to adapt your processes to disparate document types, printing requirements and viewing capabilities.