Custom Products

Adaptable Extensions for Specialized Needs

Part of the beauty of the MIRACLE document preparation and delivery environment is its ability to adapt to meet your specialized needs. Various add-on MIRACLE modules can be implemented to deliver even greater value to your organization. Some of these enhancements include:

Disclosures with eConsent:

Comply with all the new RESPA regulations and take the initial disclosure compliance process paperless.

High Cost and Compliance Testing:

Customize your high cost and compliance testing (including ComplianceEase) all within your document preparation operation, by running real-time tests and edits prior to printing closing documentation.

Identity Theft Protection - 'Red Flags' Compliance:

Automated solutions for identity theft detection and prevention.

Third Party Verifications:

Obtain unbiased third party verifications of information accurately, efficiently, and with controllable expense. Partnering with Kroll Factual Data, MRG's Data Verification solutions can be customized to include independent checks on:

  • Social Security Number
  • Tax Return
  • Employment and Income
  • Deposit
  • Mortgage
  • Rent
  • Insurance

Loan Modifications:

Generating truly successful loan modifications begins with the effective management of process workflows and the forms. Our unique combination of compliance skills and cutting edge technology can quickly equip any lender with the ability to adjust and modify individual loans or large blocks of loans in your portfolio.