Custom Products

Third Party Verifications with Kroll Factual Data and MRG Doc Tech

Verifications have long been a mandatory component in underwriting any loan. Third Party Verifications are now available to satisfy the growing need of lenders, servicers, and financial institutions to obtain an independent, unbiased verification of information, accurately, efficiently, and with controllable expense.

Independent Verification Solutions can be customized with Kroll Factual Data and ordered through MRG's document preparation process and can include:

Social Security #: Verify whether a name and Social Security Number combination match the data in Social Security Administration's records.

Tax Return: Ensure that income-tax data submitted on your loan applications are accurate and free from fraud.

Employment: Confirm a borrower's employment status as well as length of employment, salary and position.

Deposit: Review assets prior to approving a loan. Find out how long the account has been open, account standing, account balance and overdrafts.

Mortgage: Mortgage payment history, balance and monthly payment amount for an existing mortgage.

Rent: Assess the ability of the borrower to make a monthly mortgage payment based on the monthly rent payment history.

Lease: Determines the outstanding liability of a renter to a landlord.

Income: Document income that is not typically recorded on a tax return or available via the Tax Return Verification Service.

  • Child Support
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Legal Settlements
  • Collection of Rent
  • Other sources of income

Insurance: Determine coverage for an asset or act.