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eConsent Disclosures with MRG Doc Tech

Up-front disclosures a problem? MRG eConsent is the solution!

Now provide disclosures directly to the borrower in an electronic format, and enable the consumer to consent to accept, view and acknowledge documents, all completely online.


  • Electronic delivery and acknowledgment of all federal and state specific disclosures
  • Guaranteed accurate compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements for federal and state disclosures, as well as ESIGN delivery and consent rules
  • Automated paper and mailing defaults in situations where borrowers are unable, or fail, to consent electronically within the 72 hour requirement
  • Automated activity reports provided to the lender for up-to-the-minute confirmation and eConsent borrower status verification

Maintaining trusted regulatory compliance is critical in today's business climate. Streamlining this process by leveraging technology allows lenders to reduce cost and increase productivity. MRG specializes in helping lenders improve efficiency by providing cutting-edge technology solutions for perfectly compliant documents, backed by the very best legal research.

The old way of providing three day up-front disclosures to potential borrowers can be a labor intensive process that requires printing, mailing, receiving and tracking paper documents. Insuring compliance, and more importantly, demonstrating to examiners that the lender is complying with all laws and regulations, can be a burdensome task. Now, MRG streamlines the up-front disclosure process by making it completely electronic, and completely auditable. That means a savings of both time and money!

Lender Requirements

  • Additional borrower data elements such as email addresses & personal identity information

Borrower Requirements

  • Current version of Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser
  • Adobe Reader version 6.0 or higher