Committed to Service and Your Success

The excellence of MIRACLE products grows out of our commitment to your success. You can count on us for:

Availability: Our systems are available 99.9 percent of the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are completely scalable to handle peak work loads. Because of our in-house technology staff and its extensive contingency planning, we are able to rapidly restore services in the unlikely event of an unexpected interruption.
Support: In addition to our full technical staff, which is at your disposal during regular business hours (7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Central Standard Time), you have access to toll-free help lines at any time night and day. Throughout the work day, we actively monitor the functioning of all of our client connections and systems. In many instances, we contact our clients about a potential difficulty before they are aware of it and before it can become a problem.
Integration /
With our extensive experience and expertise we can quickly interface disparate data environments so that the free movement of data from loan processing to document production can eliminate double data entry. You will be able to create, view, and print customized documents as an integrated part of your normal processing workflow.

Providing Perfection

All of our MIRACLE solutions, including document preparation, compliance, management and delivery, are web-resilient electronic systems. Document packages can be delivered and printed to multiple locations anywhere, anytime. Data can be viewed and adjusted in real-time.

Our in-house attorneys and compliance experts maintain a full and robust library of documents and forms for all types of residential loans in all 50 states. When designing loan packages, you can specify edits according to Federal, State, investor, loan program or other client-specific requirements. Besides closing and RESPA documents, we provide state-specific disclosures and other documents to simplify and accelerate loan processing.

We fully warrant the accuracy of all of our document templates, data field mapping and calculations, and, in addition, our compliance representations are guaranteed and insured.