Security and Reliability

Our security strategy is to protect Customer data at multiple levels, which includes data security, data integrity, and data privacy. Mortgage Resources Group, LLC. currently uses products by IBM, Cisco Systems, Trend Micro, Veritas, Novell, Astaro, SyncSort, and Microsoft.

To ensure the privacy, security, and availability of Customer data and transactions, MRG Document Technologies employs the following technologies in delivering its service:

  • Secure Data Center
  • Encrypted User Authentication
  • Internet Firewalls
  • Network Translation and Proxy Services
  • Secure Socket Layer Data Encryption (SSL)
  • Redundant, Highly Available Routers and Switches
  • Redundant, Highly Available, and Secure Web and Application Servers
  • Redundant, Highly Available Power
  • Redundant, Highly Available Data Access
  • Regularly Scheduled Backups, Offsite Storage
  • Highly Available Application
  • Secure Operating Systems
  • Data Security

Data Center Security

Production systems are located in one of the leading co-location facilities in the United States. Production web, application, and database servers along with network equipment are housed in a suite at the co-location facility which provides 24x7 security personnel. To access the suite, there are several levels of security that must be passed including state of the art card readers, man-traps, and biometric scanners. Access to the facilities requires photo-id, encoded ID and palm print.

Network Security

Our network is protected by redundant firewalls and monitored for unauthorized access. Firewall logs are monitored, and the logs are reviewed on a regular basis. Leading-edge firewall equipment and software have been chosen to protect the network. The network has been architected to be highly reliable and redundant. If a router, load balancer, or firewall should fail, there is redundancy built into the system, allowing failover to take place without causing a loss of service to our customers.

Data Security and Availability

Mortgage Resources Group, LLC. uses 256-bit encryption to protect the Customer’s data as it leaves our site.

The OS and databases do not share the same passwords. Database passwords are limited to Data Base Administrators.

Data is stored on highly redundant storage systems. A combination of Hewlett-Packard and MS SQL DB servers are configured in either a RAID 5 or RAID 1 (mirror) configuration. The main file servers and database servers have their own redundancy and are configured for cluster failover.

Secure Application Access

Users access applications with password authentication encrypted via 256-bit SSL. The robust design of the applications prevents a customer from accessing another customer’s data. There are several layers of protected servers that stand between the web page where the customer logs in and the actual data.

System Security

Mortgage Resources Group, LLC. uses tightly controlled passwords on its servers and network equipment. We also limit access to production systems to authorized personnel only. Passwords are changed on a regular basis. Security updates to the operating systems are tracked and updated as necessary.

System Reliability

Applications and system infrastructure are viewed as a tightly integrated system. All aspects of the system are designed to be reliable and to ensure continued availability in the event that a component fails. All web and application servers are configured in a redundant manner such that no one server will bring down the system. Spare servers are ready to deploy in the event of any equipment failure. The networking equipment is also configured in a manner to permit replacement equipment to be immediately available. We choose equipment of the highest quality to power all applications.

Mortgage Resources Group, LLC. has in place an expert team to provide services for server and network management, monitoring, backups and other necessary maintenance. System administrators respond to fully automated monitoring alerts 24x7 and repair critical failures immediately.

Data and Backups

All customer data is automatically backed up daily to a tape library system. Tapes are taken offsite to a secure location. The offsite location is outside the primary sites power and communication grid.